Deliver the Goods


In John 2:11 the Bible says that Jesus “manifested His glory”.  In modern terminology we might think of a cargo ship’s manifest, which would describe the cargo as well as its origin and destination.

In biblical terms manifest means to uncover or make known.  The commercial and the biblical understanding of the word “manifest” are pretty close.  Jesus carried the Glory of God:  the character, nature and Presence of the Lord.  He manifested, or delivered, what He carried to those He came in contact with.

We too as believers carry something.  We carry the Presence of the Lord as well as His Love and His Peace.  As Jesus delivered what He carried to others, so should we.  So deliver the goods!  Freely you have received, now freely give to others!

The Triumphant Church

The New Testament church is a phenomenal living organism that Jesus began over 2000 years ago.  Today in America there are hundreds of thousands of churches; globally there are millions.  Multiplied millions of believers worship every week.  Every day hundreds of new believers come into the Kingdom of God by accepting Jesus as the Living Son of God who came into the earth that all might be saved.

Many forces historically have come against the church and still do today.  But Jesus said even the very gates (powers) of hell would not prevail against the church (MT 16:18).  If you are a part of the universal church, the Body of Christ, you are on the winning side.  Stay strong in your commitment to Jesus.  Find your place in the Kingdom and live faithfully.  Fear not, be strong and courageous.  Jesus has won!  And He is coming again!