Spiritual Awareness

After the Resurrection of Jesus, before His Ascension to Heaven, He walked on the road to Emmaus with two of the disciples.  They had a lengthy walk and conversation with the Lord but failed to recognize Him.  They only grasped the significance of the moment after their eyes were opened (Luke 24:31).

Of course they could already see with their natural eyes, but they lacked spiritual sight or awareness.  Maybe you have been there before–unable to grasp God moving in your life.  Maybe you are there now.

I have good news for you.  God will give you clarity.  He will “open your eyes”.  When you pray, ask the Lord for revelation and understanding from His Holy Spirit.  Read John 16:5-15.  God is waiting to reveal to you what you need to see and understand.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gift giving occasions are always a fun time.  Isn’t it a blessing to give someone a gift then watch as they excitedly open the package?  Well Acts 2:38 tells us that God gives His children a phenomenal gift–“the gift of the Holy Spirit”.

Furthermore, 1 Corinthians 12 tells us that the Holy Spirit distributes various spiritual gifts among believers.  The Bible goes on to tell us to be sure and seek these gifts out, to be desirous of them.  Why?  Because they are for our benefit and they help us to be a benefit to others.

For instance, Knowledge is one of these gifts.  Spiritual knowledge from God, conveyed through the Holy Spirit can give us great understanding and help concerning different situations we may be facing.  Wisdom is another gift the Holy Spirit blesses us with.  God’s Wisdom can help prepare us for things that are to come.

There are seven other gifts for us in 1 Corinthians 12.  I encourage you to study this chapter.  Let God speak to you.  Allow the Holy Spirit to bless you with His Presence and His gifts.  In the same way we enjoy giving gifts to others, God enjoys giving these gifts to us!

Peter and the Holy Spirit

I enjoy watching the ‘make over’ shows on television.  I love to see old classic cars that are restored to a brand new luster.  Then there are the ‘fixer upper’ programs that remodel old houses and make beautiful homes of them.  People too are transformed on some reality shows when they lose large amounts of weight and are extremely made over.

Those things are pictures of what God does spiritually for those people who call upon Him in faith.  Consider what the Lord did for Peter.  Just before the crucifixion of Jesus, Peter denied that he even knew Him.  But only a few days later Peter preached a bold and powerful message about Jesus where 3000 souls experienced salvation (Acts 2).

What happened to Peter?  Well, God re-created him, restored him to a much better condition.  Peter had been filled with the Holy Spirit and that event radically changed his life.  His ‘before’ and ‘after’ is remarkable.  Peter’s story is not unique.  God is in the business of restoration.

God promised that when we accept His Son, Jesus, we would be saved.  Jesus promised when we accept Him that He would give us the Holy Spirit (John 14:16 & 17).  Invite Jesus into your heart and nurture your relationship with the Holy Spirit and be amazed at what God does with your life!