Destiny is Alive!

The Bible says that God sets a sense of eternal purpose in the hearts of men and women (Ecclesiastes 3:11 Amp).  There is something in your heart that is drawing you to a more fulfilling experience of God.  The purpose and destiny God has placed within you causes you to rise up from the ashes of failure.  He has destined you to find strength in the midst of weakness, peace in the midst of confusion and hope in the midst of despair.

That destiny will never die.  It is alive within you, always seeking its full expression.  Jesus came to save you from an unfulfilled destiny.  God gave you His Word (the Bible) to clarify His destiny for you.  He gave you His Spirit to empower you and keep destiny alive within you.  He gives you other believers to join forces with.

God has a plan for your life.  That plan is alive and well.  You may have been delayed in it, but the delay is not your destiny.  I pray for you that in 2018 you experience a new level of relationship with Jesus, that you hunger for His Word, that the Spirit of God fills you to the full and that you find right relationships with other believers.

He is ALIVE!  And in Him you are, too!

Blessings for 2018