Birds of a Feather

There is an old saying that “birds of a feather flock together”.  It means that people of similar interest, passion, and purpose often find themselves united by their common goals.  Like a flock of geese flying south for the winter, people often band together moving toward a shared destination.

The Bible teaches us many lessons from what we see in nature (Romans 1:20).  Isaiah used eagles to make a powerful point (Isaiah 40:31).  Jesus talked about  mother hens and little chicks (Matthew 23:37).  In similar fashion, let’s consider that flock of geese for a moment.  They mate for life, showing commitment in their relationships.  They rotate leaders of their ‘V’ formation to share the work load.  They fly as an effective team.  In addition, if any bird is injured, others will stay with it so it’s not left alone.  Goodness!  Just think, God placed all that within those birds for their success and safety.  As Romans 1:20 says, I believe we can learn from observing them.

Do you have some like-minded folks that you are ‘flying’ with?  Are you committed to them?  Would you put your agenda on hold to help them with theirs?  If you do, you are assured of accomplishing your life’s destiny.  If you answered no to those questions, I do have some good news.  You can change!

Find your birds and flock together with them.  You are not designed to make this journey alone.