I encourage you to celebrate your victories of 2017.  And I am believing with you for new levels of breakthrough in this upcoming year.

In the book of II Samuel, chapter 5, after having just been anointed king, David found himself surrounded by his enemies.  In response to the pressure, David got alone with God to strengthen himself (v. 17).  He asked advice from the Lord regarding his situation and God told him to move forward against his enemies.  With the Lord’s help David broke through his enemies position and gained the victory.  In the Hebrew language he called God the Master of Breakthroughs.

As you stand at the threshold of 2018 make time to get alone with God.  As David did, ask God for advice, direction, and strength.  As this year begins to unfold may you, too, discover the Lord your God as the Master of Breakthroughs!

Blessings & Happy New Year!