Peter and the Holy Spirit

I enjoy watching the ‘make over’ shows on television.  I love to see old classic cars that are restored to a brand new luster.  Then there are the ‘fixer upper’ programs that remodel old houses and make beautiful homes of them.  People too are transformed on some reality shows when they lose large amounts of weight and are extremely made over.

Those things are pictures of what God does spiritually for those people who call upon Him in faith.  Consider what the Lord did for Peter.  Just before the crucifixion of Jesus, Peter denied that he even knew Him.  But only a few days later Peter preached a bold and powerful message about Jesus where 3000 souls experienced salvation (Acts 2).

What happened to Peter?  Well, God re-created him, restored him to a much better condition.  Peter had been filled with the Holy Spirit and that event radically changed his life.  His ‘before’ and ‘after’ is remarkable.  Peter’s story is not unique.  God is in the business of restoration.

God promised that when we accept His Son, Jesus, we would be saved.  Jesus promised when we accept Him that He would give us the Holy Spirit (John 14:16 & 17).  Invite Jesus into your heart and nurture your relationship with the Holy Spirit and be amazed at what God does with your life!