Overcoming the Storms of Life

Back in 2011, a very destructive tornado tore through the region where I live.  A couple of weeks ago as Hurricane Harvey impacted the Houston area, my mind went back to our local turmoil from that 2011 tornado.  Again this week as Irma has made its way north through the Caribbean towards Florida, I have been reminded of the chaos which storms can bring.

As we continue to pray for the victims of the recent hurricanes, I have also been thinking of the spiritual storms which people go through.  Medical diagnosis, relational collapses and financial devastation all have the potential to turn people’s lives upside down.

Jesus Himself told us that we would go through storms (Matthew 7:24-27).  He also told us how we could overcome in the midst of those storms.  He said it is crucial that we stay true to the Bible, especially in difficult times.  In the Apostle Paul’s life, we see the power of praise in trying times (Acts 16:25-34).  Paul also told us to focus on the ‘good’ even in hard times (Philippians 4:8,9).

Finally, the Bible tells us at all times to love and help one another.  We have seen the people of Houston do that very thing in the aftermath of Harvey.  Let us learn from those folks in Houston. Let’s take the teachings of Jesus to heart.  God works through people.  Will you let Him work through you?