Gulf Coast Storm

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc along America’s gulf coast region.  From southeast Texas over into Louisiana the devastation is profound.  Thankfully the Bible teaches us that God’s desire is to bring forth His Goodness and His Hope from even the most difficult circumstances (see Romans 8:28).

And we have seen a lot of ongoing goodness in the aftermath of Harvey.  As rescue and recovery is just beginning a clear story is emerging of people helping people.  Liberals and conservatives as well as the churched and the unchurched are banding together to help their hurting neighbors and fellow countrymen.  It’s a beautiful thing when the needs of others cause people to rise above personal differences to make a positive and lasting impact for good.

Our President, Donald Trump, has declared Sunday, Sept. 3 as a National Day of Prayer to lift up all those affected by the storm.  Let us with one voice call on the God of Heaven to bring healing and restoration to the people of Texas and Louisiana and all throughout our land!  In the Name of Jesus Christ we agree, decree and declare that God’s perfect will be done for all those who are hurting.