Story of Two Jeremiahs

In the early 70’s Warner Brothers released a movie entitled Jeremiah Johnson starring Robert Redford.  Redford’s character, Jeremiah, left civilization behind to become a mountain man.  It’s an intriguing movie filled with the challenges of living an isolated life.

There is another Jeremiah in the Bible who wanted to do much the same thing, except he wanted to run off into the desert to get away from everybody and everything (see Jeremiah 9:2).  Thankfully the biblical Jeremiah never checked out on society.  He stayed and worked out the issues he had with others and lived a fruitful life.

The moral to this story is that every one of us from time to time will feel the urge to run away from our problems.  It may not be to the mountains or to the desert; it may just be an inward retreat where we isolate ourselves from others.

There is a great reward for all those who stay engaged and work through whatever the issues are.  Cry out to God.  He will help you.  Jesus offers you lasting and eternal friendship.  He will walk with you through every difficulty.  Give Him your cares and He will give you His strength!